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6 Reasons To Use Video Interviews
for Healthcare Recruiting

About the Whitepaper

New healthcare talent is essential in order to meet the needs of an influx of millions of new patients due to the Affordable Care Act going into practice this year. The healthcare industry is also faced with an aging workforce of physicians soon to retire. Download Spark Hire’s whitepaper to learn how video interviews can help healthcare recruiters keep up with the impending high demand for healthcare talent in 2014 and beyond. The paper includes 6 tips for ensuring healthcare recruiters connect with the best talent to quickly fill open positions.

After reading this whitepaper, you will be able to:

Evaluate a high number of candidates and their soft skills
Expand your candidate pool to deal with the skills gap, physician shortage, and aging workforce
Connect with all-star temporary workers who can potentially become permanent employees
Cut down on time-to-hire and avoid traditional hiring methods that waste time
Find candidates who fit into your organizational culture from the start and reduce employee turnover
...and much more!
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