WEBINAR: Low Hanging Fruit For Running Better Tech Interviews

Get the webinar recording
Get the webinar recording

This webinar recording will equip you with new strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your tech recruiting process. To help with this, we have partnered with Wojtek Erbetowski, Expert Software Engineer from Codility, to bring you some low hanging fruit for running better tech interviews.

What you can expect to learn:
- Mistakes and best practices Wojtek learned from over 10 years of hiring developers
- How to create a rock solid technical recruiting process
- Easily implementable tips for perfecting your technical interviews
- Takeaways from the live Q&A session

Unlike recruiting for other roles, it can be difficult to determine the skill level of the candidate you are speaking to.  While you can get a good idea of the skills they may possess from their past experiences and projects, there is really no tell tale sign to truly know if they will fix the gap you are trying to fill...until now. Complete the form to get the webinar recording today!

 Webinar Presenter

Wojtek Erbetowski, Expert Software Engineer at Codility

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