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Best Practices in

Cultural Hiring e-Course

About the e-Course

Disengagement on the job leads to a cost of approximately $550 billion in the U.S. annually due to lost productivity. Recent figures determined that 46 percent of new hires failed within 18 months. In nearly 90 percent of these cases, employee turnover was a result of poor company culture fit. Spark Hire brings you this free e-Course, Best Practices in Cultural Hiring, that will detail the benefits of evaluating candidates’ personalities for cultural fit and discuss how you can do so successfully. Upon completion of this e-Course, you will be equipped with strategies for cultural fit hiring to help your organization lower turnover rates and save money. This course includes the following five lessons:

This course includes...

Lesson 1: Know Your Culture
Lesson 2: The Effectiveness of One-Way Video Interviews
Lesson 3: Can Talent Assessments Help?
Lesson 4: Can Talent Assessments Help?
Lesson 5: What You Need To Know About Background and Reference Checks





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