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The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report

About the Report

Innovations in recruiting technology are made everyday and it’s important as a staffing professional to acknowledge them so as to improve hiring results for your clients. It’s also essential to keep in mind the current trends in the staffing industry to stay ahead of competitors and beat them out to talented candidates. Download the new whitepaper, “The 2014 Staffing Industry Trend Report”, from Spark Hire to learn about the top initiatives staffing companies should focus on in 2014 to be successful.

From this report you will learn:

Why video interviews and social media will continue to be powerful tools for recruiters
Why mobile recruitment is essential for connecting with tech-savvy candidates
Why companies should widen their candidate pool by going global
At the end of the day, the goal of this whitepaper is to help you gain insight on trends and practices that will boost revenue at your staffing firm in 2014.
Get the report now
Get the report now

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