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The 2014 Forecast For Video Interviewing

About the Whitepaper

Spark Hire has leveraged its experience and authority in the video interviewing space to compile this easy-to-digest whitepaper which forecasts the highly anticipated trends and uses of video interviewing technology in 2014. With topics ranging from the rising adoption of video interviewing to why more companies are likely to ditch Skype, the paper is a must-read for any employer, recruiter, or staffing professional wanting to stay abreast of future changes to this popular HR tech. Download the new whitepaper, “Growing Your Sales Team with Video Interviews”, from Spark Hire to learn about the value of using video interviews when hiring for a sales team.

Download this paper, and learn:

Which companies and industries will prosper from video interviewing
Which types of candidates and workers are best suited for the technology
Which features will separate the best video interviewing solutions from the rest
...and much more!
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